Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Widow's Due now available in hardcover!

Hi all,

As mentioned in the prior posting, the Kindle eBook version of A Widow's Due is out and available on Amazon.  It is available for purchase, as well as through Kindle Unlimited, for those who subscribe to that service from Amazon.

The book is now available in hardcover from Lulu publishing at: 

This is a print to order service, so it takes a few weeks after ordering to have the book printed and shipped.  The price is higher than normal, since this is a self published book.  By the time you print, pay publishers fees and distribute/ship, the cost goes up.  In a few months, the book will be available on Amazon under a Global Distribution agreement.    Sometimes these distributors have discounts available that are publicized, so I encourage you to look for the 10-20% discount promotions that are run routinely.

Thank you to all who have already purchased the book and have sent comments, recommendations and congratulations.  I really appreciate the feedback.  Interestingly enough, I have had a few folks ask me questions outside of the timeframe covered in the book.  For example, there were quite a few questions about John Derr's army service during the Civil War.  This blog covers quite a bit of that information, but I have decided to begin a second book dedicated to that service, which follows the Letters he wrote home during the war.  That will come out later this year, or early next.  So for those interested...stay tuned.

Lastly, a third book is also in the works which will cover the full life of John W. Derr.  It will overlap, somewhat, A Widow's Due and the second (yet to be named) book mentioned above.  That will come out later in 2021.

I have opened up a separate website for the books and in the future this blog will migrate to this new website.   You can see more here:

and email can be sent to

Of course, the email for this blog is still open at:

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