Thursday, June 3, 2021

A New Year...A New Book....


After many years of research and translation, I have finally completed my second book.  I Take My Pen In Hand is the compilation of forty-nine letters written home by my great-great grandfather, John W. Derr.   The letters span the period of September 1861, when he enlisted in the Union Army in the 48th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, until July of 1865, when he was mustered out.

The book includes narratives on the terms, phraseology, and timeline for John and his famous regiment.  John was a farmer who decided to add some adventure to his otherwise mundane life, by enlisting along with friends and family members.  The letters tell the story of a common soldier more interested in the caretaking of his money, then of the battles he fought.  Wounded and captured once, sick many times, the book captures the rapid change in his attitude about war as his life was forever changed.

I Take My Pen In Hand is a reading companion for my first book, A Widow's Due, putting John's post war life into perspective.

I hope you enjoy both books.

They can be found on Amazon.

I Take My Pen In Hand

A Widow's Due

Jim D